" I recently had the pleasure of Heather tech editing my mittens pattern.  All of her formatting suggestions were spot on & improved the aesthetics & format consistency.  She also double checked all the math & gave me confidence in making the pattern more polished.  Even if you do your own edit, I highly recommend having Heather double check your patterns!" -Wendy Link, WL Designs "I really enjoy working with Heather.  She is prompt with both her edits and answering questions.  She's incredibly thorough, and her attention to detail is fabulous through my patterns and charts.  She is wonderfully encouraging and supportive.  I'm very happy to continue working with her." -Sile Thiels, Knit1Dance2 Designs "Heather was great to work with. She was very fast and all of her suggestions and edits made my pattern polished and ready for publishing faster than anticipated. -Amanda Barry "Heather was friendly and professional.  Her edits

What Teaching Knitting Has Taught Me About Pattern Writing

I've been teaching knitting for a little over 10 years.  I started just teaching my friends while I was in pharmacy school (big shout out to Ashley for being my first guinea pig) and then I began showing up and helping people at the local yarn shop in town (Village Wools in Albuquerque, NM).  Soon they gave me a beginning knitting class spot called "Friday Night Knitting with Heather" (it was not child friendly).  I really loved it and worked there for two years until I graduated and had to leave my beloved Albuquerque to pay off some school bills.  By the time I came back and got settled my second home, Village Wools, closed its doors forever.  The closing of my LYS's doors was not, however, the end of my teaching career.  I had established myself well in the knitting community here in Albuquerque and our other LYS, The Yarn Store at Nob Hill , has been kind enough to give out my name to people wanting private lessons.  I also have a fiber arts group called Stitch &#

How I Fell In Love With Tech Editing

My journey to technical editing was a very natural journey.  I started knitting in 2005.  I come from a long line of makers, but my Mom is a jack of all trades.  She paints, she sews, she quilts, she crochets, she knits... I've never seen her pick up a craft she couldn't handle.  For me, knitting was the most intuitive.  I would not, however, call my knitting intuitive.  Every pattern design I have ever written has been heavily based on pages full of math.  For me, math and knitting are irreversibly tied.  I honed those skills writing knitting patterns for commissions, teaching knitting, and knitting fun things for my friends and family.  While I refined my knitting techniques I was busy going to school.  I was a literature major, which gave me a strong background in composition, and I graduated with my doctorate in pharmacy, which has given me a solid background in math. In 2017 I decided it was time to finally start writing patterns and publishing them, but I wanted more edu